Million Dollar Facial Skin Peels

The Immaculate Collection

The Million Dollar Immaculate Collection contains three medium depth skin peels designed specifically for those with an ageing, lined and wrinkled complexion with signs of sun damage as well as being developed to support improvements to problematic, inflamed, irritated, oily or spot prone skin types to help calm, heal and restore a healthy appearance.

It is designed to give near immediate results without the downtime often associated with chemical peels.

The Immaculate Collection


Helps to calm, heal and restore the skin creating a healthy glow.  This peel is suitable for all skin types, sensitive, problematic, dry, oily and combination. Amazing for inflamed acne, plus blackheads and comedones.  The skin will benefit if you suffer from rough skin texture and enlarged pores.


This peel is perfect for uneven, photodamaged or pigmented skin tones as well as acne scaring and age spots.  This peel can also target fine lines and dull skin giving the skin a beautiful radiant glow.


The perfect peel to target and slow the ageing process by improving fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, age spots, dryness and the effect of stress on the skin to reveal a youthful complexion.


Don’t worry if you’re unsure which Peel is for you, I will conduct a full consultation at each appointment  


Peel Treatment – 45 minutes

Luxury Peel Treatment with Dermaplane – 60 minutes (only when recommended by your skin therapist 


Million Dollar Peel Treatment

£ 65
  • Eliminate, Radiate or Rejuvenate Peel
  • 45 Minutes

Million Dollar Luxury Peel Treatment

£ 75
  • Eliminate, Radiate or Rejuvenate Peel with Dermaplane
  • 1 Hour